What is Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

SOLUTIONS  – What does that word mean in the namePier & Waterfront Solutions?

Ok, The name implies that we sell, service, install and remove Piers (docks) and boat lifts. But a lot of people do that. Don’t they?

Yes, they do. But it means a whole lot more when you talk about Pier & Waterfront Solutions.  Why? Because we are more than Piers (Docks) and Boat Lifts. What else do we do?

Want to enjoy the outdoors more?

If the answer is YES – Pier & Waterfront Solutions is the right place to be. Just pick up the phone and call us.

Did you know, we also build Decks – attached or freestanding by the water.

We also create some very unusual Stairs to access the shoreline and those Piers and Boat Lifts we talked about.

image of Stairs looking down the cliff

Stairs looking down the cliff

How about this one? Looks simple enough – Right!?  A nice straight set of stairs- what’s the big deal?

image of Stairs and deck built over a cliff

Stairs and deck built over a cliff


Truthfully, anyone can create a set of stairs. But can they do it while suspended over a cliff? How about a deck suspended in the air?   Not too shabby. Wait a minute – it’s getting a little more complicated now.

image of New Stairs down a cliff

New Stairs down a cliff

The stairs are so long, we had to include platforms on the way down so you can rest. Do those stairs ever quit?

Makes you wonder how they get the docks and lifts down there. But we do!

Now, do you understand why we use “Solutions” in our name?

Where is Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

PWS is located at 7325 St. Hwy 42/57. That’s 1 mile North of County MM (Hwy 42) and 3 miles South of Sturgeon Bay. Look for the Idlewild Road intersection.

Our staff is here year-round to assist you. Don’t forget – Give us a call If you want to see an issue discussed on our site.

Call Jerry at 920-493-4404 or Email Jerry@wisconsinpws.com with any questions.