Vinyl Bunks Are A Better Value.

Vinyl bunks are a much better value than carpeted bunks.  You bought your boat to enjoy yourself – not replace worn-out carpeting on the weekend.

Many boat and PWC lifts utilize carpeted bunks to support the vessel. These are an economical option and provide sufficient support for your boat or PWC (personal watercraft).

image of Vinyl Boat Bunks

                      Vinyl Bunks

However, over time, the carpet on wood bunks becomes worn or frayed. This situation can create contact between the hull of the boat and the raw wood. Besides, sand and debris could be lodged in the carpet fabric. The sand will grind against the hull of the watercraft. It goes without saying this is not a condition you want. Any loose or frayed carpet should be replaced to prevent potential trip hazards too.

Do your carpeted boat bunks need replacement again this year?  Vinyl bunks never require replacement.

Vinyl boat bunks may cost more than carpeted bunks initially but they are a better value over time. 

When should the bunks be inspected?

Spring & Fall are excellent times to inspect the wood structure of the carpeted wood bunks. Wood, being a natural material, can become warped, cracked, or rotten. If you find any soft spots or warping of the wood material, replace the bunk before using it.  

For more information on checking & servicing your lift, see

Perhaps you’ve purchased a new PWC or boat and want the best bunk for your new purchase, consider ShoreMaster vinyl boat bunks.

Vinyl boat bunks have a strong history.

ShoreMaster has used vinyl boat bunks for boats, PWC’s and pontoons for decades. The vinyl bunks will save you money in the long run because the aluminum channel will never rot or warp like wood. Plus, the vinyl never requires replacement like carpeting does. You’ll also save money and frustration because the vinyl material is less prone to wear than carpet,

Put simply; vinyl boat bunks are far more durable than carpeted bunks. The vinyl material used on ShoreMaster‘s vinyl boat bunks does not promote the adhesion of sand, and debris like carpet can, which means your boat or PWC will stay cleaner, longer.

What about Vinyl boat bunks vs. Cradles?

Full-length vinyl boat bunks offer greater support than cradles.  A much longer area is supported. The weight of your watercraft is distributed along the bunk’s length to prevent pressure points where your hull contacts the supports. When you have a choice between cradles, carpeted bunks, and vinyl bunks, you are better off in the long run with the vinyl boat bunks. When it comes to the total cost of ownership and resale value, vinyl boat bunks are the best value.

Vinyl boat bunks are available for all ShoreMaster boat lifts. If you are considering repairing a set of carpeted wood bunks, it may be wise to upgrade to vinyl bunks once and for all.

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In Conclusion

The continued introduction of refinements keeps Shoremaster at the top of the best-in-class list.

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