Walking Platform

Walking Platform

A walking platform for your ShoreMaster vertical jet ski lift is an essential add-on from Pier & Waterfront Solutions.  These stainless steel walking platforms are made exclusively for the SM 1064 and SM 1264 jet ski lifts (PWC lifts).

The walking platform consists of a stainless steel, perforated platform that mounts securely to the lift rack.  The platform never rots and is extremely strong.  It’s simple to install – one 9/16″ wrench is all you need.  No drilled holes required

A stainless steel walking platform provides a stable platform for loading, refueling, or working on your jet ski. 



Duel walking platforms

The platform allows easy access to both sides of the jet ski.  With access on both sides, the platform will enable you to put a cover on while high and dry.

Why scramble over your jet ski to put a cover around it?  Why get tossed around by the waves while trying to work.  There won’t be any more standing on the lift rack where the risk of falling off or injury is the greatest.

Imagine being able to service and refuel your jet ski without having to stand in the water or pulling it up on the rocks.  Now you have a loading platform to set your equipment on when working on the engine or re-fueling your unit.  You can do all kinds of work and stay dry.

Want more?

ShoreMaster winch tube extension

ShoreMaster winch tube extension

How about a winch extension post which allows you to reach the winch wheel from your dock? The aluminum extension post comes in a kit and will enable you to move the winch up, so you have better access to the winch wheel.  A dock set high out of the water will no longer be a problem. No need to lay on the pier to reach the wheel?

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