Where does the name “Waterfront Solutions” come in?

Waterfront Solutions is part of our name. But you haven’t heard much about it. Now’s a good time to get familiar with it.  

The rising water and storms have caused damage up and down the Door County peninsula.

Losing your beach to rising waters is one thing, but losing your lawns and trees, in a whole different problem. Do you have a building or shed near the water? How about a deck near the beach. Is it protected? You may need a rip-rap to protect your investments.

Do you now see where the second half of our name – “Waterfront Solutions” – comes in! We can protect and restore your waterfront.

Did you know…

… that limestone rock weighs about 150-170 lbs /sq foot? Limestone rock is abundant but not always readily available due to the increased demand with the high water.

Can you imagine how many tons were brought in to protect the shoreline below?

What options are available?

Limestone is an abundant stone in Door County.  Another option is granite. This choice is more expensive but doable.

Larger rocks are better and run from 1-2 tons PER stone. On the other hand, they are stackable and look neater.

Aren’t all rocks the same?

No, not all rock is the same. Some are solid with fewer air pockets or pores. Why is that important? Solid rock, with fewer pores, hold up better to the annual freeze/thaw cycles in fall and spring.

Once the rocks break down due to the expansion of the ice, they weigh less and can be easily moved or washed away in a storm.

Are permits required for waterfront work?

Permits are required any time you do waterfront work. It takes time to obtain them so you must plan well in advance. Emergency permits can be obtained in many cases while the regular permit is in process.

What about the materials?

It takes time to get the materials. For instance, this year, we are having difficulty getting the rocks we need as fall approaches. The quarries are having trouble keeping up with the demand. That’s another reason to get the process started.

If you want a quote consider doing it now. Place your order and get the permit process underway, so you are prepared to have the work done.

Lake Michigan shoreline erosion

Shoreline Erosion

What happened to this waterfront?

This property is located on the Lake Michigan side of Door County. As you can see, strong wave action, along with the high waters, have worn away the waterfront. These before and after photos are pretty much self-explanatory.


Lake Michigan waterfront after photo












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