Watersports Accessories

Watersports continue to be the most popular summer activity in Wisconsin.  They are only exceeded by watching the Packers beat the Bears every year (with apologies to our Chicago friends).

With hundreds of miles of shoreline to enjoy, why wouldn’t it be?  Boating, Jet Skis, Kayaking, and Paddleboards are a few of the outdoor activities
we enjoy Spring through Fall in Wisconsin.

With the entire Bay of Green Bay and the many inland shorelines to enjoy we find ourselves with more available activities than time.  We can’t get enough of outdoor living.

image of Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding

With all of these available activities, you don’t want to waste your time carrying your equipment from the water up to the house or garage.  That gets tiring very fast.

PWS and ShoreMaster have simple solutions for you.




Starting with Paddleboards, ShoreMaster has racks that mount on your dock.  The racks allow you to secure your equipment safely and conveniently.  It’ll be ready for you when you are.

image of Dual Stand Up Paddle Board Rack

Dual Stand Up Paddle Board Rack


What about my accessories?

What about your life jackets, and other small equipment? PWS has dock boxes which allow you to safely and conveniently store these items with easy access at any time.  They come in many sizes and shapes.  Don’t forget to have your dimensions handy. 

image of Assorted Dock Boxes

Assorted Dock Boxes


How about the Canoes and Kayaks?

ShoreMaster has single and double Kayak/Canoe racks available.  The racks provide convenient storage for your equipment.  Nothing could be easier.


image of ShoreMaster Kayak Racks

ShoreMaster Kayak Racks


Last, but certainly not least – Jet Skis.  Placing them on a trailer everytime you want to go in or out is a real drag. They can’t sit on rocks without damaging the hull.

image of ShoreMaster Vertical PWC Lift

Vertical PWC Lift by ShoreMaster

Even sand can damage the hull or destroy the motor. Don’t forget, you have to get the unit into deeper water to avoid sucking the sand or small pebbles into the engine before you start the engine.

A vertical Jet Ski Lift by ShoreMaster can protect your unit.


Where is PWS?

PWS is located in the center of Door County at 7325 St Hwy 57.  It is located 1 mile North of County MM (Hwy 42) and South of Sturgeon Bay.  Look for the intersection of Idlewild Road.  

Want us to address a dock or boat lift topic for you?  Feel free to give us a call.  

Call Jerry at 920-493-4404 or Email Jerry@wisconsinpws.com for more information.