What is Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

In a previous article, the discussion was about some of the less widely known projects that Pier & Waterfront Solutions has undertaken. We do much more than most people realize. We have completed everything from decks, wood or metal stairways down cliffs, rip-rap and more.  It all falls under the “Solutions” portion of our name.  

This article further expands that article.

image of Before



In the “Before” photo above, you can see the condition of the railings, the broken walking surface, and rotted and missing timbers around the perimeter.  The owners were concerned that someone would trip and injure themselves.  They really wanted to enjoy this area again.

After the appropriate DNR permits were obtained, the work began.  EVERYTHING was removed.  Permit restrictions required that the general outline be followed.

In this “After” photo, the perimeter was replaced with concrete and decorative rails were added.  A new concrete surface was installed as part of the renovations.  Solar operated lights were placed on the top of the posts.

image of After


The decorative rails were provided in-house as part of the “Solutions” name.  

We are always looking for “winter” work.  Call Jerry with your ideas.  

Where is Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

PWS is located at 7325 St. Hwy 42/57. That’s 1 mile North of County MM (Hwy 42) and 3 miles South of Sturgeon Bay. Look for the Idlewild Road intersection.

Our staff is here year-round to assist you. Don’t forget – Give us a call If you want to see an issue discussed on our site.

Call Jerry at 920-493-4404 or Email Jerry@wisconsinpws.com with any questions.