Summer is almost here. Are you Ready?

Summer activities officially start with Memorial Day. In 2020 this may be delayed for many people. Even so, it’s approaching fast. 

Memorial Day means a lot of outdoor activities will be starting. Many people will head to the lake for fun and relaxation. To truly enjoy the rest of the season, you have to ask yourself, “Is my place ready for summer”?

Many people have time on their hands this year, so why not use it to get ready for summer? That way, you can enjoy getting outside and have some real fun on the water.


Be Ready for Summer Activities

Here’s a quick checklist to help make sure you are ready for the season. Many people have time on your hands this year, so why not use it to get ready for summer?


Summer Startup Checklist:

  1. Have your air conditioner checked and serviced if needed.
  2. Inspect, sweep, and power wash your decking & porch. For more information – see link
  3. Touch up stains and paints as needed.
  4. Prep your lawn. You may need to give the yard a thorough mowing.
  5. Rake up any leftover leaves and debris so that a lush green grass can thrive.
  6. Get out the rake and clean up any debris on your shore. Watch for glass and sharp objects that washed up over the winter. They can completely take the fun out of your summer.
  7. Clean the grill, fill the propane tanks, or stock up on charcoal and lighter fluid. You want to make sure you have everything ready for that first barbeque.
  8. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test these every six months. If you don’t have detectors or fire extinguishers, be sure to get some. Unlike living in the city, many lakefront communities have only volunteer fire departments. Response times may not be as quick as in the city, and fire only needs time to get totally out of control.


  9. If the furnace has not been operating over the winter, now is an excellent time to make sure it is working correctly. You’ll need it for those early morning chills.
  10. Look over the screens on the windows and doors. Repair any holes or replace them as needed. No one wants to leave an invitation for the bugs to enter the house. 
  11. Clean your boat and PWC and any other “toys.” Check all fluid levels, inspect the hull, test electronics, give it a thorough cleaning. 
  12. Check all anchor ropes. Are they cut or rotting? 
  13. Be sure to check the trailer and lights. Nothing is more aggravating than following a vehicle with faulty lights. 
  14. Have you checked the batteries? Is it time for a new one? 
  15. Be sure to stock the cabinets. Are there snacks, hamburgers, chips, hot dogs, buns, along with beverages and lots of s’mores. They’re great for outdoor grills and campfires.
  16. Plant new flowers to add more beauty and color to your yard. 
  17. Check your dock and the cables on your jet ski and boat lifts. Have them changed before they go into the water. For more information, follow this link; and   

Most important of all …ENJOY A SAFE SUMMER!


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During this time of uncertainty, Pier & Waterfront Solutions is staying “open.”  We have implemented measures to ensure the safety of our employees and visitors. At the same time, we are working to maintain the trusted service that you have come to expect.

We are implementing these precautionary measures:

1. Conducting as much business as possible by email, text, or phone. 
2. Site visits will continue but with limited in-person meetings. When in-person contacts are necessary, we will follow “social distancing” guidelines.
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Is there More?

4. Some employees will be working remotely, but they are always available by phone. 
5. Any employee with symptoms or illness is sent home. 
6. We continue to provide estimates and invoices by email to make the process paperless.
7. Crew starting times are being staggered to limit social interactions.
8. We keep the same crews together to limit cross interactions.

With these measures, we hope everyone will stay safe, and we will be back to normal operations

What can you do to help us? 

1.  Please conduct as much business as possible via emails, messaging, and emails. This step protects everyone involved.
2. When you see our crews installing equipment, please practice “social distancing.”

Thank you for allowing us to work with you.


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Let’s all stay safe!


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